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      I’M JUST SO DOWN AND OUT, you have no idea how frustrated and washed out I feel with all of this. My lawsuit against TECO is about the contamination of off site underground water, and for the refusal of a bank loan for my farm operations, and the devaluation of my property now. I have a letter proving that my loan was refused because of the location of a toxic waste dump next to my property.
      What keeps me going is to protect my interest, and that what they are doing is deadly wrong. It’s as wrong as if I was to go out
there and run over somebody on the highway and kill ‘em, or if I would take my shotgun and be a sniper. I love the environment, and I see it being destroyed literally every day of my life being right here. Just the fact that they are in here, they are destroying the environment. Nobody can argue with me that it was better than it was before they were here in this particular area.