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Fort Bend County

      WE HAVE LIVED HERE in these sleepy communities for 20, 30, up to 50 years, and all of the sudden garbage dumps are popping up, hazardous waste is being reclassified...and we get concerned, and that’s because we are not educated. I tell you though, you go to Austin to a couple of those (Texas) Water Commission hearings, and you get an education real fast.
      Now, it’s up to the commissioners of counties where these things are showing up to be informed. Your county judge and your commissioners are ruling this, and they are our elected officials. They control your county. They can talk to the Governor. But if they are not careful, they can be bribed through ignorance, too. It is their responsibility to stay with this. The commissioners of Wharton County must be credited for staying with this fight.
    And if we don’t form these little coalitions like Concerned Citizens Against Pollution and Defenders of the Environment, these things can come about without anyone knowing what happened. You need concerned people.
    I’m still in favor of the industry that manufactures this material with their byproducts as being more capable of handling it either by recycling and by disposing of it, rather than these little people who pop up here and want to make a fast buck by putting it into the ground. We don’t want to pollute the streams, and the rivers, and the underground streams. That is the bottom line.