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Motivations, Reflections, Strategies

    The Toxic Tour of Texas journeys through a state that prides itself in being the biggest, the best. And it is. Texas has the largest concentration of oil refineries and chemical plants in the nation. Texas ranks first in the United States in the amount of known or suspected carcinogens released into the environment. Texas also leads the nation in the number of hazardous waste disposal sites, seventy percent of which leak and threaten groundwater. And Texas industry discharges the highest level of toxic air emissions in the country.
    The guides on this tour are farmers, priests, mothers, ranchers, engineers, nurses, and teachers who are intent on protecting their land, their children, their homes, and their communities from exposure to hazardous waste. Their activism crosses social, economic, and racial boundaries. This coalition for the 90s aligns the century’s labor, civil rights, women’s, peace, and ecology movements.
    These grassroots activists have influenced and reversed governmental decisions. They have halted harmful industrial practices. They have changed their personal lifestyles, habits, and attitudes as a model of shared responsibility for maintaining this life on Earth.