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    In New Mexico,  a state  renown  for  the  question
“Red or green (chile)?” the appearance of a nine-table restaurant on the outskirts of Taos, was a revelation in sumptuousness. This was where the owner-chef joined you to unveil the marvels of your just prepared brunch, your stout espresso came in a grandmother’s demitasse, and you could observe culinary mysteries bloom in the walk-through kitchen. Welcome to Joseph’s Table.
    Joseph’s became a locals’ place serving from the rich harvests of nearby farms and ranches. It was the ideal setting for conversations with friends accompanied by perfectly attuned service from a lovely covey of waitresses. Serenades by Santa Fe Opera apprentices further brightened the bonhomie on Sunday afternoons. Residents and food pilgrims felt the amiability of being at a friend’s for dinner, though this friend was a canonized “Best Young Chef” by Food and Wine Magazine.
    I began providing the restaurant with herbs and vegetables from my gardens but soon asked Joe if I could photograph the unique conviviality of his world. He was game, and quickly I understood that only color photographs would convey the charm and gravitas of his passions. Can you taste a photo?